Hello, Maytor!

Meet MAYTOR – our newest recipient!

Maytor arrived from a West Virginia Shelter and landed at Latrobe Airport yesterday at 11:45 thanks to the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team! Here is his story:

Hello friends, my name is Maytor and I am a three year old Great Dane. I was taken to a shelter in West Virginia after being shot and injured. Pellets were removed from my neck but my femur bone was broken in two. Orthopedic surgery was needed ASAP but the shelter didn’t have the financial means to assist me. It wasn’t looking very hopeful for me. A plea was made to AFA shelter manager stating, “Hey Lu, is there any way you could help with this guy? You are the only one I know who could say for certain that you could help. Gold Bless you, Lauren’s Wing!”

My surgery was then scheduled for the pin and plate needed to stabilize my back leg. Four laser treatments also helped with my recovery and I am doing well. Thank you Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team for your generosity in providing me with my air transport saving me a 4-5 hour ride in the car!!! Your team ROCKS – it was an awesome flight! I can now proudly say I am the first Lauren’s Wing recipient to arrive via airlift! My first class accommodations continue at the AFA shelter where I am feeling safe and happy! My gratitude runs as deep as my bark – thank you for not giving up on me! I am most grateful to the WV shelter, The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team, AFA shelter manager Lu and STAFF, and all who generously support Lauren’s Wing – The Fund for Animal Care.

Lauren’s Wing is honored to have funded the surgery and treatments for Maytor. We believe each animal saved is priceless, so we don’t often mention the monetary amounts necessary to fund such specialty surgeries. Sometimes however, it is important to let our contributors know the expenses involved in these efforts. Maytor’s surgery and treatments were $3100 and worth every penny to assist this helpless animal. Please know that it is through the support and generosity of Lauren’s Wing Donors/Friends that these happy endings are possible. Thank you. 💗