Meet Highway!

January 13, 2017

Greetings everyone! My name is “HIGHWAY” and I am the latest recipient of the Lauren’s Wing Fund. I’m a 3 year old black lab who traveled a very rough road to my destination at Action for Animals. Sometime in December I decided to venture out into the real world and travel west. (These foolish decisions happen when you haven’t been spayed or neutered, just saying……) I made it to I-70 in Ohio, where my life changed forever. This highway concept was new to me and I got in the way of a car. It was a hard hit and as I lay on the side of the highway, I knew things were bad. I lost a lot of blood and my front leg was severely injured. Imagine my relief when the lady with the nice eyes, who also happened to be a sheriff saw me. She took me to a veterinary clinic where surgery was performed. Unfortunately, my leg was so bad it couldn’t be saved but I owe my life to the doctors and staff there. I then found myself at the Guernsey County Animal shelter where a decision had to be made as to who would pay for my surgery and find me a home. Lucky for me, the staff knew to call AFA shelter manager Lu. Thanks Lauren’s Wing donors for funding my surgery! And thanks Lu, for coming to Ohio to pick me up – I know I continue to be in great hands now. Lu promised me she would find a home where I am loved and I believe her!!!

A happy update on Lauren’s Wing recipient “HIGHWAY”:
We received a photo of Highway, now known as GUNNER, having some serious fun at his new forever home!We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending for this very special dog. The trauma of being hit by a car and left on the road are all a distant memory now.
Best wishes to his wonderful new family for opening their hearts and home to him!❤️
Thanks to all who support Lauren’s Wing – you helped make Gunner’s story possible!