Introducing SuzieQ



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Greetings from New Mama SuzieQ!

I am the latest recipient of the Lauren’s Wing Fund! The before photo shows me patiently awaiting the arrival of my litter. Unfortunately, two of my pups arrived stillborn so an e¬†mergency C-section was necessary to help me safely deliver the remaining pups. Thanks to the AFA staff, shelter manager Lu, Lauren’s Wing, and A-vets, I can now proudly introduce my pups, Josie and Ralph. Hugs to all who helped make my emergency C-section possible through your donation to Lauren’s Wing – The Fund for Animal Care.

A SuzyQ update!
Greetings everyone! I have been busy with my little ones this week 13645233_1122587787800943_3832014333926732661_nand I am happy to say Ralph and Josie are doing fine!
It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was in a West Virginia shelter in need of help. I arrived at AFA just about ready to have my pups so I patiently waited and waited. Finally, two arrived but were stillborn. I then had an emergency c – section and little Josie and Ralph were safely delivered. We are all resting comfortably in our private room at the shelter. Thank you to everyone who supports Lauren’s Wing and AFA! Xoxo SuzyQ, Josie and Ralph