Meet Jonah!

October 9, 2015


Hello, my name is Jonah! I am a 7 month old kitty who was trying to survive all on my own. One scary day I was shot by someone who had a small caliber handgun. The bullet blew out my elbow and grazed my side. Injured, alone and frightened, I was about to give up when a very kind lady found me. She brought me to AFA for the medical help I desperately needed. Although my leg was beyond repair, my life was saved! I am now on my road to recovery and especially enjoying all the special attention that is now coming my way. Hopefully after the chance to totally heal, my luck will continue and a loving home will come my way…………
Thank you to the caring staff at AFA, and to all the kind people who support Lauren’s Wing. Without you, my surgery would not have been possible.
XOXO Jonah