Introducing Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin!

brbfIntroducing our newest Lauren’s Wing Recipient “Betsy Ross” and our first newborn “Benjamin Franklin”!

Hello, my name is Betsy Ross and I arrived at Action for Animals from another shelter who was unable to provide me with the medical help I needed. I arrived close to Memorial Day with a broken pelvis and a secret! Shelter Manager Lu and AFA vets were consulted on what would be the best treatment for my injured pelvis. At one point, it looked like a trip to Ohio State was necessary. Lu was preparing me for our journey when I decided to hop out of her vehicle and show her just how fast I could run! You see, I had other more important plans and my secret was about to be revealed. After an x-ray it was discovered that I had either a mass or one big puppy. Lucky for me it was the latter. I went back to the shelter for observation because delivering a pup with my injuries was complex. A few days later on Wednesday afternoon it appeared my puppy was ready to make an early arrival.

Fortunately, Dr Bowser, and Assistant Manager – Vet Tech Pam were on hand to help bring my little “Benjamin Franklin” into the world at 9pm. Pam worked very hard to get my little man breathing on his own, even breathing for him when needed. Finally after 20 long minutes he was stabilized and by 10pm we were together again. I will be spending time with my new little one and will be under close observation during the next few weeks to see what the next course of action to help mend me will be. In the meantime, I know that I am one proud Mama loving my pup, my new AFA friends and Lauren’s Wing – The Fund for Medical Care.

Lauren’s Wing is proud to have provided the necessary funds for “Betsy’s and Benjamin’s” medical care. We are also honored to be partnered with such a fine shelter blessed with a dedicated staff working hard to keep our pets safe and well. Thank you Lu, Pam, Jay, Dr Bowser and Dr Mucci for a job well done!!!

Check back soon for updates and new pics of “Baby Benjamin” and Mom “Betsy Ross”!