Meet Noah!

Greetings from Noah. In my past life, I have been known to wonder the streets in my old neighborhood. I had a family but no one really looked after me. One day I was hit by a car. I made it back home but was in bad shape. No one still seemed to care, so I went searching for someone who did.

A kind lady found me and took me to her local shelter. The shelter knew I was in bad shape, but they didn’t have the funds to help. A phone call was made to AFA, and lucky for me, Lu Ann, the shelter manager came to my rescue. Upon my arrival the AFA vets examined my injuries and immediately made arrangements for me to go to Ohio State University where 3 pins were needed to fix my broken leg. My prognosis- use of all fours! I am trying my best to contain my enthusiasm as I recover, but I love everyone and am enjoying all the new tender loving care coming my way now.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at AFA, to Lauren’s Wing- The Fund for Animal Care for funding my surgery, and to all the wonderful people who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund. I am now ready to start a whole new chapter in my life and am hoping to find a family who will love me as much as I will love them.
xoxo Noah