Introducing Phillip!

August 24, 2014

phillipMore about me – Phillip. You may have seen me in recovery mode, but I am now feeling much better and full of energy. I am a 13 week old Great Dane/Lab mix. My siblings and I arrived at AFA and it was evident I needed attention on my injured back leg. I traveled to Ohio State University where it was determined that I had been “hit from behind’ with blunt force probably when I was 5 weeks old. For 8 weeks, calcium deposits had grown near my injury and muscles had atrophied. So, surgery was done to reduce my femoral head bone and straighten out the pelvis. Success rate for my surgery is extremely high and once I am done growing, the only issue I may have is “losing a bit of my swagger”. I promise, my personality will make up for it! I am happy, outgoing, and a little guy who loves life!


Hello everyone! My name is Phillip and I have just received surgery at Ohio State University thanks to Lauren’s Wing- The Fund for Animal Care. Here I am in recovery looking a little bit tired, but I’m sure with all the great care here and at AFA, I’ll be back to my energetic self soon. Look for updates on me in the near future…………….there is more to come!

Lauren’s Wing is delighted to have funded this special puppy’s surgery to repair multiple breaks in his hind leg. Thank you to everyone who supports our fund in making this possible.