Hello, Skylar!


Fantastic news to share – Skylar has been adopted!!! Best wishes to the wonderful couple that have opened their hearts and home to her!!!


Greetings! My name is Skylar. I started my summer in a most traumatic way after being hit by a car. Injured, I crawled under a picnic table in my front yard where I sat neglected and injured for three long days. A kind neighbor reported my situation and I was removed from my home. Lucky for me a guardian angel named Lu, (the shelter manager at AFA), came to my rescue.

After the AFA vets examined me, they thought it best I travel to Ohio State University where extensive MRIs were done to see if my hip and legs could be repaired. Lucky for me, I didn’t need extra surgery, just plenty of rest and tender loving care. The great staff at AFA provided plenty of tlc and now I am happy to report, I have sufficiently recovered enough to begin the search for my forever home. In spite of my hardships, I am sweet, gentle and just love attention. Come visit me and see for yourself! 

Thank you to Lauren’s Wing for paying for all my medical care while at OSU. Hugs and kisses to all my new friends who have supported Lauren’s Wing. The Sky is the limit now for me because of your kindness!