Introducing Nyla


All one has to do is look in her very sad eyes to see that Nyla has had one tough life so far. This poor mama beagle arrived afrom an open door shelter with a huge belly and AFA staff was uncertain if it was a mass or if she was pregnant.

The new blood machine at AFA indicated it was indeed a mass and exploratory surgery was needed. Fortunately, the mass was not life threatening. Nyla also had dental work completed and a tooth removal.

In spite of not feeling so well, Nyla has exhibited such gentleness. She is such a sweetie and is anxiously awaiting to start a new and happier chapter in her life where hugs, kisses and love will replace the years of neglect!

Lauren’s Wing is pleased to have provided AFA the necessary funds for Nyla’s surgery. Nyla is ready and waiting for her “forever Home”.