Introducing “Willow”


We are happy to share her story as told by our partners at AFA Humane Society:

“Willow arrived at AFA in late December 2013. AFA received a call and plea for help from an overcrowded open door shelter. Seventeen dogs made their way to AFA that night through a transport effort of shelters working together.

As the van pulled up, our shelter manager opened the back door and there in the middle of the stacks of pens sat Willow. Her leg was bandaged and she had wounds over the top of her head and down her side (old wounds but is was evident she needed additional medical care). The girls on the transport said she was a stray and had been hit by a car and that they did the best they could.

So Willow came to us or maybe was sent to us by an angel. She was examined by Dr Mucci who felt we should seek a second opinion from a specialist as to whether we could save her leg or if an amputation would be needed. While Willow was not in pain, she did not have full use of her leg.

After weather delays, Willow finally made it to Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. Willow was a good candidate for surgery and the staff at OSU felt her leg could be saved. Willow had her surgery and spent several days recovering at OSU. AFA picked her up on Feb 17, and so far, Willow is doing wonderful!

In 6-8 weeks, Willow will make her journey back to OSU for a re-check and to determine whether or not the plates and screws in her leg can be removed (allowing for better movement). In the meantime, she is a happy, healthy and walking on all fours!

Willow is not yet available for adoption but will continue to recover and rest in a quiet environment until she is completely healed. AFA is most grateful to our partner in special care, Lauren’s Wing, The Fund for Animal Care who made the funds available for the necessary surgery to save Willow’s leg and improve the quality of her life!”

Note from Lauren’s Wing: It was a joy to see Willow post surgery. She is a sweet, loving, happy go lucky girl who shows no sign of her previous life’s hardships and traumas.