Meet Cornelius, our third reicipient!

UPDATE Wednesday, January 29th:

Very sad news to report ….. Cornelius was not healing properly and he had to go back in to surgery today for evaluation. Dr. Mucci found a tumor growing around his retinal nerve and immediately had the cells analyzed.

Sadly, the tumor was cancerous and we could not save him. Cornelius passed the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by an instant family who loved him. We thank God he was brought to us and was not laying in the cold somewhere suffering but this part of rescue is so difficult ……………



It ‘s been a long, hard journey for Cornelius but life is now much better.


He was a “town cat” going from home to home to get a handout, and had a routine. First house for breakfast, another for lunch and last one for supper.┬áHe had nice little old ladies who cared for him. Being the town cat, he needed to have street smarts.

One day last week, while crossing the street, he was not so smart, and was hit by a car. He didn’t make his rounds for his meals and his ladies got worried. He finally made it to one of his “homes” early in the morning, three or four days after the car accident. Immediately, the woman knew something bad had happened. She scooped him up and put him in a box. Cornelius was warm, had a full belly and felt safe.

However, his caretaker cried as she could not keep him and knew his medical bills would be high. She called the shelter and Dr. Mucci was there to help him.

Our shelter manager Lu said to bring him right in and he arrived in a blanket at AFA. Dr. Mucci and staff vetted Cornelius and he underwent surgery. By the end of the day, his eye was removed but boy does he feel better now!

Cornelius will probably miss his old life and his ladies but we are sure, once healed, he will embrace a new family with open paws! Thank you to Lauren’s Wing, the Fund for Animal Care ( for providing the funds needed for his medical care and surgery.