Chives: Our First Recipient!

December 2013


The first recipient of funding from Lauren’s Wing is Chives, a six year old female Yorkie who was found roaming the streets. She sat at animal control for 3 weeks.  When no one came forward to claim her and she was passed over by many who visited animal control (because of the massive growths coming out of each one of her ears), animal control (Hoffman Kennels) called AFA for help.

This poor girl had HUGE growths bursting out of each ear and needed vertical ear canal reconstruction on each ear.  It was pitiful.  This “post- op” photo shows what an amazing girl she is and what great success we had with the surgery!

We thank God for the generosity of the local community, for animal control for calling us to help her, for our own Lauren’s Wing, the Fund for Animal Care ( for paying for her surgery and for our very own “special Dr. Trish” who performed the surgery.

This dog is so remarkable and within a few weeks will be ready for her forever home…………. what a Christmas for Chives!

Update: Great news! Chives has been adopted and gone to her “forever home”! We wish her years of happiness!