Meet Penny!

Good Morning Friends! 🐈🐱🐾

I would like to introduce myself as the 41st recipient of the Lauren’s Wing Fund. My name is Penny. My story began 2 weeks ago after being found stuck in a car motor. What can I say, when you are 11 weeks old, foolish decisions are made as to where safe places to explore are! My front leg was terribly injured. Weighing in at only 1.3 lbs, I was too small for surgery. With great care and good food from my caregiver and new best friend Pam (AFA assistant shelter manager), I gained enough weight to be safely operated on. On Tuesday, my surgery was performed in house at Action for Animals.

Thank you to my veterinarian, Dr Bowser, Pam and supporters of Lauren’s Wing! I am most grateful to everyone who has given me a new lease on what will hopefully be a 😻“purrrrrrrrfect” life!

Please check back for updates from me!
Xoxo, Penny