It’s Julia!

🐾Meet our new recipient! 🐾

My name is Julia, and I am a four month old puppy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Hit by a car, my owners dumped me in the back hills of West Virginia, disgracefully leaving me to fend for myself. A person found me, and I was passed around until someone did the right thing and took me to see a veterinarian. Sadly, they surrendered me due to the costs to repair my broken leg.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, an early Tuesday morning 6AM phone call to AFA shelter manager Lu happened! The plea requested help to fund a surgery to repair my broken left front leg. The operation needed to happen quickly before my break was too old to repair. Within hours, the surgery took place! I am happy to report it was a success -my leg is saved and the prognosis is good! After an overnight stay, I was moved to a foster care home until I can safely be transported to AFA on July 20th. I can’t wait to come to a place where so many wonderful people love and care for animals, even ones they have never met. Thank you Lu, AFA, and everyone who supports the Lauren’s Wing Fund!

You have saved the life of one grateful little puppy!

xoxo Julia

Lauren’s Wing is honored to partner with AFA in providing the financial means for specialty care and emergencies like Julia’s. Without the support of so many kind and generous people our mission would not be possible. Julia and Lauren’s Wing are grateful to each and everyone of you!


I arrived at my new home at the AFA shelter this past weekend. My transition went well. I am most grateful for the wonderful care I am receiving from the AFA staff. As soon as my recovery is complete, I will look foward to meeting all of you and finding a forever family that will love and protect me!

Hugs and kisses,


A Julia Update……..
I am officially adopted! Here I am leaving the AFA shelter heading to my forever home!

Xoxo Julia

Best wishes to Julia and her new family. Thank you for opening your hearts💕 and home🏡 to an animal so in need of a family she can trust and love again!