A new Sheriff!

❤️💕Meet 9 week old “Sheriff Bridges”!💕❤️

Lauren’s Wing received this message early this morning:
“My name is Sheriff Bridges and I am 9 weeks old. Lu told me I should Text you….she loaned me her phone….. you see I need your help. My heart ♥️ is in the right place to love a family when I grow up……but it doesn’t work right. I have what you call PDA. Lu told me if I gave you those puppy eyes Lauren’s Wing may be able to help. So, here they are…. did it work??????????”
Lauren’s Wing is happy to report the answer is undoubtedly YES! We are so grateful to all our supporters who contribute to our fund so when an animal is in need of care, we are ready to help!

Sheriff Bridge has an appointment for an evaluation next month! In the meantime, this lucky little pup is being loved and cared for in a foster home.

Please stop by later this evening to see more pics of the sheriff!

Sheriff Bridge update!

Some new pictures as promised. Here I am, loving life at my foster home!

Last picture of the day……I played myself out! Good nite! 🌜💤


It’s me, Sheriff Bridges who reported for duty (and an examination) at Ohio State University today. It was all a little intimidating for a pup like me, but I had my Foster Mom and Shelter Manager Lu to calm my nerves. My appointment took place this afternoon and the results were somewhat unexpected. Initially, it was believed I was suffering Patent Ductus Arteriosus, PDA. This is a heart defect caused by a problem with the heart’s development. Upon closer examination today, I am now diagnosed with Pulmonary Stenosis, a congenital heart defect characterized by a narrowing and obstruction of blood through the heart valve. My surgery, scheduled for Wednesday, is still possible but will come at a greater risk for me. Please, if possible, keep me in your prayers 🙏……. I will need them! I would like nothing more than to leave here with a mended heart, ready to love and be loved by a forever family someday soon!
xoxoxo Sheriff Bridges

We will be sure to update as soon as we receive information on Wednesday. Thank you Lauren’s Wing supporters, for your help in making this surgery possible and for your prayers for Sheriff Bridges.

Update 2!

My surgery was a success and I am now resting comfortably in recovery at Ohio State University. I can’t thank everyone enough for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

They were much needed today – my heart went into arrhythmias twice during the operation. It was a lot for a little guy like me, but with courage, a highly skilled medical staff and a lot of support, I made it through! An echo cardiogram is scheduled for tomorrow morning. If all is well, I will travel back home in the afternoon.

The Drs want me to have a month of rest and recovery in my foster home. If all goes well, I will make a return visit to Ohio State for a post surgery reexamination in 4 weeks. And then, the long awaited search will begin to find a home where my healthy heart ❤️ can LOVE unconditionally!
XOXO Sheriff Bridges

Lauren’s Wing is honored to have played a part in providing this puppy with a second chance at a happy life. We are most grateful to the AFA staff, shelter managers Lu and Pam, Sheriff Bridges’s Foster Family, and all others who shared a role in the “Sheriff’s Story”. And last but not least, we thank everyone who supports Lauren’s Wing – The Fund for Animal Care. Your generosity has helped our 40th recipient, Sheriff Bridges, on his road to recovery.

Update 3:

More good news to share!

The electrocardiogram went well this morning. I’ve been released and am on my way back to Action for Animals! Thank you Lu and Pam for the transport to and from Ohio State!

Xoxo Sheriff Bridges

P.S. – As you can see I am relaxed and enjoying the ride!