Greetings, Marley!

Greetings from Marley!

You may think you are seeing double, well actually triple because I happen to be the third consecutive black lab mix dog to become a Lauren’s Wing reipient! I also am the 38th recipient of the fund.

My story began at the West Virginia Guernsey County Animal Shelter where my owner’s surrendered me. I arrived with an existing leg injury that was never treated rendering my hind leg rather useless. My leg dragged and I was unable to put weight one it. My reality and chance of finding someone to adopt me with my preexisting medical issues were slim to none, but I tried my best to remain hopeful. A phone call was made that restored my faith in people. Lauren’s Wing, Action for Animals and shelter manager Lu came to my rescue and agreed to provide the long overdue medical treatment. Arrangements were made for my transport to AFA for further evaluations. I had not been using by back leg for some time, and although all efforts were explored to save it, the leg was beyond repair. AFA veterinarian Dr Mucci performed the necessary surgery to amputate my hind leg. The surgery went well. Because I was already accustomed to navigating without the hind leg, my post surgery transition was rather effortless!
My leg and broken heart are on the mend! Now, I greet each day surrounded by the caring AFA staff, and with renewed hope that someday a family will open their hearts 💕 and provide me with a home I can truly believe will be forever.

xoxo Marley

Lauren’s Wing is most grateful to all who support our fund. Without your help, Marley’s story wouldn’t be possible. Special thanks to Lu, Pam and the wonderful staff at AFA, for your extra efforts in helping animals like Marley begin new chapters in their life!

An update:

We just received word that Marley has been officially adopted. Here he is with his beautiful new family!
Good luck Marley! Best wishes to you and your family for many joy filled happy years together!