Introducing Liam!

Happy Easter everyone!
My name is Liam and I am the newest Lauren’s Wing recipient. As you can see from my happy smiling face, I am in good spirits as I recover from having my severely injured leg amputated. I will share more of my story in days to come……so please check back.

Don’t be confused by my looks – I could pass for Roades’s twin. Roades was adopted and ended her stay at AFA last week just as I was making my arrival!

Thank you to all who support Lauren’s Wing with your generosity. You truly saved me from being euthanized. I am most grateful to you. Rest assured I am receiving the very best care from the loving Staff at AFA ♥️♥️♥️!
Xoxoxo Liam

Update 1: More from Liam!

I am making great progress with my recovery and transition to life with three legs. As promised, I wanted to share more of my story………
Unlike the last few recipients, I am actually from this area. My life took a tragic turn when my hind left leg was injured after being hit by a car. Not having the funds to provide the necessary surgery, my owners sadly made the heart wrenching decision to turn me over to be euthanized. As preperations were underway, my soulful eyes must have touched the heart of a vet technician who just couldn’t let my life end that day. Being at a local facility was a blessing for someone there knew of the Lauren’s Wing fund and recommended calling AFA shelter manager Lu on my behalf. Yes! I would get a second chance after all! Thank goodness the funds were in place, because there was no time to spare.

I traveled to Ohio State University for an evaluation hoping my leg could be salvaged. Due to the extent of injuries this was not a possibility. After traveling back to AFA, Veternarian Dr Bowser performed the surgery to amputate my leg. The operation went well. I’ve gotten to meet many new friends here at the shelter and can say everyone seems to love my gentle disposition and loving heart.

Thank you Lu, Pam, Dr Bowser, and AFA staff for your extra efforts in rehabilitating me and caring for the countless animals that arrive at your shelter all year long. A special thank you to the kind person who made the decision that I was worth saving. At only 1 1/2 years old, I now have a long life ahead of me. And just when you think the story can’t get better, I can share that someone already agreed to adopt me. As soon as I fully recover, I will be going home!!! 🐾💖🏡

xoxo Liam

Lauren’s Wing is most grateful to all who support our mission to help animals in need of medical care. We are honored to partner with AFA and the caring staff of people who go the extra mile to help care for animals in recovery.

Another Liam update!
We have some new photos to share. Liam has settled into his new forever home. Whether lounging in a favorite couch or hanging out with his new canine sibling, Liam in now living the good life!
Best wishes to Liam and Family for many years of happiness. Let the love♥️and good times roll!