Hello Buffy!








First Impressions..

We didn’t even know her name, but we did know that this sweet girl needed our help…

She arrived at a shelter Saturday with bullet wounds that shattered her hip. Surgery will be necessary to replace her hip and remove the bullet shards.

Thanks to the wonderful people who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund, we are prepared to help fund her medical needs.

We will update more information on our 35th recipient as soon as we receive additional information about her.

Update 1

We have an update on the poor girl that came into a West Virginia shelter with the bullet wound and shattered hip. Her name is Buffy. It seems her femoral bone may be too shattered for a hip replacement. Unfortunately her leg and part of the hip will need to be amputated. It isn’t the news we were hoping to hear but are still grateful her life will be saved. We have witnessed firsthand that dogs have an amazing ability to adjust to life on three legs. We have faith that Buffy will do the same! Keep her in your prayers 🙏please……❤️
We will continue to update when we have more information to share.

Update 2

Hello everyone! Here I am in my first post recovery picture! The surgery went well to remove the bullets and my shattered hip. I am in very good spirits and am being well cared for in a foster home while final arrangements are made for my transport to Action for Animals. Thank you to all my new friends at Lauren’s Wing who helped make my surgery possible! xoxo Buffy

P.S. People sometimes say things happen in 3 they and that may very well be true. As of this evening, two new dogs are now waiting in the wings for support from the Lauren’s Wing Fund. “Freddie”is traveling to Ohio State University on Thursday to receive a liver shunt. Last but not least, a plea for assistance came in to help a Lab who lost part of her front foot. Surgery will be necessary. Please check back to hear more updates and progress reports!

One of our goals at Lauren’s Wing is to always be prepared to financially assist animals when emergencies like these happen. We are pleased that we have the means to help all three animals receive the lifesaving care they deserve. We are forever grateful to everyone who has helped support and grow our fund. Your kindness and generosity has changed the lives of 37 shelter animals thus far. Thank you!

Update 3

A Surprise Announcement from Buffy!

When I arrived at Action for Animals no one knew it, but I didn’t arrive solo. It seemed I was picking up weight, but it was attributed to my healthy appetite. Shelter managers Lu and Pam began to suspect something else could be the reason. Their hunch was right and they arrived one morning to find me with 6 tiny puppies!! I delivered them all by myself. They were all very tiny and not in the best of health. Although everyone tried their best, 5 of my little ones were too small to survive. I was left with one little miracle puppy. In addition to recovering, being a new mom has raised my spirits. My little pup is doing well and we are quite happy being together♥️♥️!!!!!

But wait, that is not all! A wonderful AFA Alum family wants to adopt not only me but my puppy as well. Together forever now that’s what I call my happily ever after!
Xoxo Buffy