Meet Princess

Hello my Friends!

My name is Princess and I am a 2 year old petite Spaniel mix.  My story has
been 10 weeks in the making with many twists and turns. A kind stranger
brought me to a West Virginia shelter in July.  I was suffering from two
broken back legs and was provided no  treatment from my previous owners.
The WV shelter tried their best to raise medical funds but to no avail.  A
call to “AFA /Laurens Wing” was my saving grace.  Shelter manager Lu
transported me to Ohio State University, where the xrays showed the
severity of my breaks. My surgery was immediately scheduled, but while on
the operating table, my blood pressure and heart became so unstable that
surgery was aborted.  After a weekend in recovery I visited a cardiac
specialist who found my heart was functioning properly.   OSU veterinarians
decided it best I return back to AFA  to rest and complete daily blood
pressure monitoring before another attempt at surgery.  They assured
everyone that I wasn’t in pain.  In spite of two broken legs, I walked and
wagged my tail, but did drag the badly broken leg.  My spirit remained
unbroken through all my troubles.

Shortly after my return  to AFA, the WV shelter called once again with
surprise news that animal agents had removed two puppies from my former
residence.  I am one lucky MOM to have my pups, “Dipsy and Dottie”
transported back with me. The loving reunion was sweet-my pups were out of
control with joy!  We are happily all together again.

After weeks of blood pressure monitoring.   and video movement recordings,
I was again taken to OSU, where I was reevaluated.  The decision was made
to proceed with the surgery.  A Femoral Head Osteotomy ( hip surgery) was
completed and a filler used to stabilize the broken leg.  This time around,
I sailed through the operation without any issues!  My full recovery is
drawing near!  Although I came from humble beginnings, my new
name “Princess” is fitting.  Thank you AFA staff for providing the royal
treatment during my long stay. I can now report my heart is strong and most
grateful to all who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund.  Your generosity has
made my story complete with a true Fairy Tale Ending!

xoxoxo Princess,  ( Dixie and Dottie, too)

In spite of trauma and neglect, Princess hasn’t lost her faith in people.
Thank you Lauren’s Wing supporters for not letting her down!