Hello Bonnie!

Hello friends!
My name is Bonnie and I am the 32nd recipient of the Lauren’s Wing Fund. When my owner moved and couldn’t take me along, I was surrendered to Action for Animals. I am a 1 1/2 year old female boxer mix.
My misfortune happened one day at the shelter when I spotted some potential new canine friends. My enthusiasm got the best of me as I made a great leap at the opportunity to play and have some fun. I came down hard from the jump and injured my back leg tearing my cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL – similar to the ACL in humans. Arrangements were made for my transport to Ebensburg Pa to receive necessary surgery. All went well, I have returned to AFA and am resting comfortably. Thank you Lauren’s Wing supporters for funding my surgery! I promise I’ve learned my lesson no more crazy leaps for me. 💗
Please check back for updates on me. Hopefully, you’ll see me soon without this huge medical collar I’m currently modeling. Thanks to the special staff at AFA for taking great care of me!

Update 1
As promised……… a picture without my collar! I am doing well but still need plenty of rest and recovery time. More updates to come!
Xoxo Bonnie

Update 2
Great news from Bonnie:
“Here I am leaving AFA with my new family! I am officially adopted and heading to my new forever home…..
Thank you AFA and Lauren’s Wing supporters for your help in making the next happy chapter of my life possible.” ❤️