Introducing Atlas

We just received news that the Lauren’s Wing Fund is needed to help this 17 week old German Shepherd who was hit by a truck. He suffered a broken tibia and pelvis. The shepherd will be directly transported to Ohio State University for medical care.
Lauren’s Wing is most grateful to everyone who supports our medical care fund so when emergencies occur, we are ready and prepared to help.
We will be posting updates as we receive them so please check back.

Update 1:

Hi everyone! My name is Atlas, I am the 17 week old pup that was hit by the truck. The specialist here at Ohio State University delivered very good news. My pelvis only had a slight fracture so hopefully will mend with proper rest and care. My tibia bone was another story and surgery was necessary to repair the break.
Happy to report I came out of surgery at OSU late this afternoon; I’m still in recovery. I will remain here for a few days before returning to AFA next week.

I am sending along some pictures of my transfer. Thanks AFA, Lu, Pam and staff for the special care in making sure I was safe and comfortable. ❤️I am most grateful to Lauren’s Wing contributors. Your donations made my surgery possible.

Update 2:

Glad to report that my surgery went well. The x-ray shows just how bad my leg was but now the prognosis is great! As you can see I was in great hands and loved all the special staff at Ohio State University.

At this moment, I am being safely transported back to Action for Animals with shelter manager Lu!

I would like to thank everyone who helped with my care and transport last week! Let’s not forget all those who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund to whom made this surgery possible.

Hugs and kisses to all, ❤️
Xoxo Atlas

We met Atlas today in person and were greeted with non-stop kisses! Atlas is quite the verbal boy as he spent the entire visit telling us how thankful he is to have been given a second chance.

There is more wonderful news to share. Atlas has already found a forever home. Although Atlas can’t be officially adopted until he is neutered and has his metal rods removed, he will be fostered by someone willing to provide special care and rehab. Thank you Kate and John for opening your heart and home.

So much has happened to Atlas in one week. From his traumatic beginning in West VA where his owner surrendered him with serious injuries, Atlas traveled through three states, received orthopedic surgery, a weekend in recovery, a trip back to AFA, and finally the hope of a forever home. Through it all, this amazing dog hasn’t lost his love or trust in people.

Lauren’s Wing is proud to be partnered with Action for Animals Humane Society. We are grateful we were prepared to fund Atlas’s surgery. To all of you who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund through donations, raffle ticket purchases, sharing our stories on Facebook or providing encouraging words, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lauren’s Wing and 🐾Atlas❤️